Commission Process

1. Planning

The first step is a conversation between myself and the person commissioning the painting or drawing, whether in person or via email, upon which we will discuss exactly what you want for your commission. Feel free to email me if you are curious about anything even if you are not ready to order, I’m more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions! In the initial conversation, we will discuss photo references and compositional and background options, and if you wish to have me out to photograph then we will set up a time for that to happen. A reduced rate is offered on photographic sessions for those purchasing paintings (price dependent upon travel), and a cd of all your images is given to you once edited, along with appropriately cropped options for you to decide from proportioned to the dimensions you wish your commission to be.

2. Beginning the Project

I prefer to photograph my subjects myself, to not only insure the best quality images that will result in the best finished product for you, but to observe the subject(s) personality in their natural surroundings. If you wish to use your own photos, remember the better quality the photos, the better your finished product will look! If you wish to combine photographs or are unsure of which pose you wish to use as your main reference, rough sketches can be provided before beginning your painting to help you make a decision. Once all the details are hashed out, a 50% deposit is required for your piece to be started, while photography sessions must be paid in full upon the day they happen. Your emails are your verbal contract to me that you will pay for your painting in full upon its completion.

3. Completion

Upon receipt of your deposit, there will generally be between a 2-6 month period in which your commission will be completed. Though it may take less time depending on how busy I am, you don’t have to pay the final portion of the price until you wish to receive your painting. Once completed, I will send you a final photograph of your piece, at which time you can let me know if you wish for any changes to be made. Once you accept your image, final payment is expected. In the case that I am close enough to deliver in person, you can pay me upon delivery, but if your work must be shipped then I will await payment before sending you your piece. Upon payment the work becomes property of the client.

Remember that if you are planning on having your painting or drawing framed or matted that you take into consideration the additional space it will take up. Drawings and oil paintings are made exactly to dimensions listed, unless you wish to order a custom size, and exact sizes of available windows can be provided upon request and are limited.