Photo References

While I do offer photography services for those who are interested (travel costs are applied), you’ll need to provide any existing photos and/or take some fresh pictures for your commissioned work. It’s best to provide a variety of photos (5 or more) with at least some of very good quality and some to show markings or other individual features regardless of quality. You are free to specify whether there are one or more photos you wish to use or combine, or if you wish to leave it up to my discretion. If you wish to know your options or see how your painting will work, rough compositional sketches can be provided before starting your piece. I will let you know if I need more in order to create the best quality portrait for you. As I’m painting directly from your photograph and may not have the luxury to see the subject(s) in person, the better quality image you provide me with, the better your final product will be!

Digital files should be placed on a CD/DVD and shipped (can be returned if requested). Standard photos should also be sent by mail and can be promptly be scanned and returned if requested.

IMPORTANT: Any professional photos may be used only as an indirect reference, unless you get permission of the photographer that you may use their photo as a direct reference. Many professional photographers allow you to purchase the copyrights to their photos for an additional cost. Photos with watermarks on them will not be used out of professional respect.